Reborn Relics

 Restoration & Repair


Hard-To-Find   Lighting Supplies

For Do-It-Yourself Lighting Projects

In addition to rewiring and restoring lamps and lighting, we also sell lighting supplies and accessories in our store. We continually get request for things like Candle Covers, Lamp Shade Finials and Lighting Supplies for do-it-yourself lighting projects that are hard-to-find at the "big box" hardware stores. Over the years we have established a relationship with several lighting restoration suppliers throughout the country that offer a variety of these hard-to-find lighting supplies. As a result we've been helping our local customers restore and update their lighting for years. And now, we have the opportunity to offer this service to our on-line customers as well.
Our goal for our on-line store is the same as it has been for years with our physical store location. And that is to have 100% customer satisfaction. We achieve this by offering quality products at reasonable prices that are shipped in a timely manor. We are also available by email or phone to answer questions about our products or advice on how to use them.