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If you have a vintage electric lamp that originally had an old rayon or cotton cord that is now worn and frayed, we can replace your old cord with a new rayon or cotton cord and a turn-of-the-century style plug, giving it the safety of todays wiring with the look and charm of the past.

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Many early "Parlor Lamps" had 2 illuminated glass globes; one at the top and one in the base. These lamps not only have a main lead cord, but also require a special 3-terminal socket and a separate "down line" in order for the switch at the top socket to control each light separately or to allow them to be on at the same
time. We carry all of these electrical components in stock and have a quick turn-around-time for this type of rewiring job.

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In Most cases, we can rewire a table lamp or put a new socket in one, while you wait. 

A faulty lamp sockets can be very dangerous. Incandescent light bulbs generate a lot of heat, much of which is transferred to the socket itself. Over time, and with repeated use, this can lead to a faulty socket.  If your socket looks like the one on the right, IT IS NOT SAFE

and should be replaced.

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This chandelier was brought into our shop in 2 boxes of parts by a customer who wanted it restored. Unfortunitely, someone who had previously attempted to rewire this piece, tried to do so by using doorbell wire  and sheetrock mud. So, the first thing we had to do was to remove all of the ferrules and, with a micro-drill, dig out all of the mud and wiring. We then removed  all of the other broken parts that needed to be replaced. At that point we could finally start soaking the prisms and crystal pieces,  cleaning and painting other parts, replacing the sockets  and wiring and putting it all back together. And, as a finishing touch, we added prism chains and new candle covers.

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We also carry a complete line of Lighting Accessories and Restoration Supplies

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