This is a Before and After picture of the base to a turn-of-the-century Torchiere Style Floor Lamp that we restored for a customer.

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Not you personally, but on the hinge or other part of an older piece of furniture. With years of use, many screws wear away at the spiraled threaded groove in the wood, causing the hole to become "wallowed out" and the screw to become loose. At this point, many people simply replace the screw with a bigger screw, but doing this (because a bigger screw has a bigger screw head) usually affects the way the door opens and closes. And, on a truly antique... piece of furniture, even a replaced screw can effect the overall value.
Instead, take a toothpick, dip it in glue, insert it into the screw hole and break it off at the surface. When you drive the screw back in place, the wood from the toothpick will give the screw more to "bite into " and the glue will make sure that it stays there.

Restoration & Repair


Faulty lamp sockets can be a dangerous. But this is something that you can check out at home. To do so, unplug your lamp, unscrew the bulb and take a close look at the base of your socket. If it looks like the one on the right, IT IS NOT SAFE! Incandescent light bulbs generate a lot of heat, much of which is transferred to the socket itself. Over time, and with repeated use, this can lead to a faulty socket. If your socket looks like the one on the  right, stop using it,  and switch it out with a new one as soon as possible or bring your lamp by our shop and we can put in a new one for you. In most cases we can do the repair while you wait for around $8.


Above is a "Before" and "After" picture of one of our recent lamp restoration projects. On this piece, we cleaned the milk glass and polished the marble base, polished and sealed the brass, added a scalloped bell shade, put in a new socket and replaced the old, frayed rayon cord with a new replacement rayon cord and a turn-of-the-century style plug, giving it the safety of todays wiring with the look and charm of the past.